Our incentive programme is simple and basic. You give us leads and you could earn money.
You give us leads of contacts or potential work you may be aware of in the I.T field. We will do all follow ups, quotations and any other ground work required. Should the client be one that generates income for us through the products and services we offer, you will get 20% of the invoice value for all labour and service related work and 20% of the gross profit on any other sales. You will be paid on completion of the job code and on our receipt of payment. Some income will be once off but there is potential for recurring payments monthly or annually.

Example 1: We do a CCTV installation worth R6000.00 our profit is R2000.00. You will receive R400.00 on completion of job as a once off payment. The more work we complete on your leads, the more income we will both earn.

Example 2: The client retains our services to look after their I.T infra-structure for a monthly fee of R1500.00. You will receive R300.00 deposited into your account every month for as long as the client retains our services. The more retainers signed through your leads, the more monthly income we will both earn.

Example 3: A client uses our anti-virus solution that generates a profit of R1000.00 for a multi user network. You will receive R200.00 on receipt of payment and thereafter every 12months for as long as the client renews their licence.

The above figures are examples and true figures could be more or less per client.

If you are a company or individual that requires our services, you will qualify for the above but as 20% discounts on your invoice.
At Phorce I.T Solutions we believe that we should empower each other and let’s face it we can all do with the extra income. Phorce I.T solutions has currently expanded its operations from the little town of Roodeport on the West Rand to covering Gauteng. We offer our product but not services or labour nationally (unless clients are willing to pay the cost of our travel).
For this to work smoothly we require you to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with contact leads so that there is no confusion and that the correct person receives their fair payment.
Let us, the small guy, empower each other and grow together. For more information you can contact us or you may simply just send us leads.

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